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The Day When I Become Complete!

Some incidents are really tough to explain in words. Some things happen in our life which gives us immense pleasure and have some different meaning as well. The incident which I am describing out here is that I became Father.

Becoming father was not a big deal, but to become a father of a girl child is itself a big-big deal for me. It was one of my all time desires that I should have the daughter. It’s a fact that I decided her name even before she came into existence.

So, it was 7:22 PM on 27th of September 2012, when I got the news (though I got the news at around 8:35 PM, as I was in flight and my cell phone was switched off that time), which delighted me from every angle. The immense happiness which it gives to me is too hard to explain in words.

Garima Vats, Nicknamed as Pihu

Pihu with Papa Alok Vats

Pihu with Grand Father

Pihu with Grand Mother


One of the biggest reasons why I said that I become complete is that with the birth of Garima Vats, I think that I gave the ultimate happiness to my parents as well. Thus the birth of Garima, nicknamed as Pihu, made me completes. I also would like to thank my wife Punam for giving me the best possible gift of my life.

Written on October 11, 2012

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